Mugs and Fizz

Fizz, aged 15, and his grandfather Mugs, aged 75 in 2014.

Fizz Nanigans is the main antagonist of Enter Sammy Space-Time. He is regarded by Sammy as a bully, but in the alternate universe that Sammy created after time-traveling to 1954 and revealing he was a time traveler, he seemed like Sammy's ally at first in 2014. However, Fizz and (his grandfather Mugs') true intentions were revealed when he explained that he was really after Sammy's Time-Manipulation Ruby. He attempted to extract Sammy's Time-Manipulation Ruby from Sammy's forehead using his father's OEC (Object Extraction Claw), but failed.


Fizz is a cruel and twisted individual. He has no regard for any other individual's life except for his own or his grandfather's. He is also cunning and conniving. He also likes soda.


Before Enter Sammy Space-TimeEdit

He was born to Dennis and Nicole Nanigans in 1999. During his lifetime, Sammy described Fizz as bullyish, especially during his high school years. He has always been very demanding towards his father and is even described as childish, yet intimidating.

Enter Sammy Space-TimeEdit

On November 17th, 2014, Fizz, his father Dennis, and his grandfather Mugs "rescued" Sammy from a mob of savage people who were after Sammy's Time-Manipulation Ruby. They took him to their home, and from there, they revealed their true intentions. They tried to use Dennis' OEC (pronounced "oak"; stands for Object Extraction Claw) to extract Sammy's Time-Manipulation Ruby from his forehead. However, Sammy escaped with Tiffany's help.

The series' fourth bookEdit

Fizz is set to appear in the series' fourth book. He is apparently going to play a more protagonistic role while maintaining his bullyish attitude. Nothing else is known about his role in the book at this point in time because very little information on the book has been revealed as of now.


He has black, Elvis Presley-styled hair and peach skin. He wears a blue hoodlied shirt and orange pants. 

Comparisons between him and his grandfatherEdit

Fizz looks and acts nearly identical to how his grandfather looked at his age, except:

-Unlike his grandfather, he doesn't wear sunglasses.

-Like his grandfather, he had an addiction to a particular beverage, except his addiction is to soda.

-He wears a different outfit.

-He doesn't have a gang as far as we know.

-He is more childish and less menacing than his grandfather.

-He grew up during the time period that Sammy grew up in unlike his grandfather, who grew up two generations before the two.


Dennis and Nicole Nanigans: Fizz's parents/caretakers

Sammy Harbors: Fizz's primary enemy/bullying victim

Theodore "Mugs" Nanigans: Fizz's grandfather