ESST Cover Art

The cover art for Enter Sammy Space-Time.

Enter Sammy Space-Time is the successor to Escape from the Killer Volcano. This novel developed Sammy (as a character) into what he is today, as in the fact that he now possesses the Time-Manipulation Ruby. This story also introduced characters such as Edward "Fizz" Nanigans, Tiffany, Olivia Redsmoth, Theodore "Mugs" Nanigans, and Oswald Aidenson. It also established where Sammy lived. Its direct follow-up, Sammy's Super Sonic Adventure, is currently in the works.


The story opens on November 16th, 2014. Sammy recalls the events of Escape from the Killer Volcano, and wonders when he's ever going to invent time travel because his future self was revealed to be a time-traveler in Escape from the Killer Volcano. Timothy then leads Sammy to a secret underground area where the Time-Manipulation Ruby is displayed, which allows its user to travel through time. Sammy takes the Time-Manipulation Ruby, but he and Timothy are then chased by a swarm of evomantes, but Sammy escapes them by using the powers of the ruby. Tobias, the Multiversal Guardian of Time, then allows Sammy to keep the ruby. Later on, Sammy uses its power to travel back in time to 1954.

During his visit, he runs into Mugs, who was bullying Oswald Aidenson (Sammy's future algebra teacher). Sammy stands up to Mugs, and he admits that he's a time-traveler. No one believed him except for Oswald, so Sammy traveled back to 2014 to collect some items from his time period that would prove that he's a time-traveler. Sammy returns to 1954 and shows the townspeople everything he brought, but no one believed he was a time-traveler still. He then showed of some of his time-traveling abilities, and eventually, everyone believed him. He then warped back to 2014, and because of his alterations to the past, he was famous for all of those decades, and Pensacola patiently awaited the day that he returned ever since he left. However, it was revealed that the people only wanted his Time-Manipulation Ruby for greedy purposes, so Sammy tried to escape the massive crowd of people that were chasing him. Mugs, Fizz, and Dennis (Fizz's father and Mugs' son) rescued Sammy and escaped the crowd and the police in Mugs' 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air.

However, it was revealed that Mugs and his family were only there to help Sammy because they wanted his Time-Manipulation Ruby as well. They tried to extract it from his forehead using Dennis' Object Extraction Claw, which malfunctioned, and Sammy escaped thanks to Tiffany, who was Timothy's childhood friend. While flying home, Sammy, Timothy, and Tiffany encounter a fleet of battle airships, which they pursue in a battle with. Sammy eventually defeats the airships and quickly enters his lab to build an aircraft that resembles a UFO, which would be equipped with a Memory Deletion Ray. The police eventually barged into his lab, but Sammy, Timothy, and Tiffany escaped to 1954 just on time. From there, Sammy devised a plan, and then he, Timothy, and Tiffany put it into action. They rallied the citizens' attention by having Timothy and Tiffany cause a rampage upon the town. During the process, Timothy and Tiffany are killed, filling Sammy with grief. However, he discovers how to use the Time-Manipulation Ruby to restore them to how they were before they were killed. The plan continued from there, and eventually, Sammy had the attention of everyone in town. He then used his Memory Deletion Ray to wipe all of their memories of him visiting their time period. He then fools the townspeople into thinking that Timothy and Tiffany were aliens to explain the destruction, and he then restores their town in exchange for them never admitting that they were invaded by "aliens". Sammy returns to his time period, which is the way it was before (for the most part). However, Sammy's Time-Manipulation Ruby changes, and he notices that its triangular piece is now star-shaped. Tobias then informs Sammy that he has the ability to travel to other dimensions, foreshadowing the direct follow-up to the book (Sammy's Super Sonic Adventure).


Sammy Harbors: main protagonist

Timothy: deuteragonist and protagonist

Tiffany: protagonist

Tobias the Knight of Fortune: supporting character

Ernie Arnold: minor character

Oswald Aidenson: supporting character

Olivia Redsmoth: minor character

Jimmy Irvine: minor character

Mugs Nanigans: main antagonist

Fizz Naningans: antagonist

Dennis Nanigans: neutral antagonist

Nicole Nanigans: minor character

Morgan Harbors: minor character

Haley Ferris: minor character

William Harbors: minor character

Sammy's mother and father: minor characters

The Multiversal Guardians of Harmony: mentioned

Darwin O'Blubble: mentioned