Escape from the Killer Volcano is the first novel in the Sammy Space-Time online book series. Unlike the other books, this book is a choose-your-adventure book. Though the typed version is still in development, the playlist containing the five-part video series of him reading aloud the written copy can be viewed by clicking here.


While vacationing in Maui, Hawaii, Sammy and Morgan, who are siblings, and Haley, who is their cousin, were venturing through a tropical rain forest. While exploring, Sammy stumbles upon a mantis with an odd center antenna which has a heart-shaped point at its top, in which Sammy named this mantis Timothy. However, all four of them (including Timothy) were vacuumed into a volcano.

Sammy and Timothy woke up in a laboratory, and a supercomputer was inside of the laboratory. Sammy tried to hack his way into the super computer to find out where they were, but the alarm went off during the process and dozens of killer robots were sent out to annihilate Sammy. Timothy revealed himself to have the power to dramatically increase in size whenever he ate a particular quantity of objects. While Timothy battled the killer robots, Sammy escaped using a nearby time machine. He was teleported 15 years into the future and saw his future self and the future Timothy being chased by a mob of magma people. Future Sammy teleported 16 years back in time, and the present day Sammy followed him. Present day Sammy arrived a few hours later than future Sammy did and saw his future self be crowned by the past magma people. Present day Sammy then teleported 15 days into the future form that point and saw that the volcano was under construction, and saw that in his future self's lab were plans for experiments on how to mutate animals into magma animals. Frightened, Sammy traveled back to the present to see that Timothy had fought off all of the robots. Presumably, one of the robots had called in reinforcements and Sammy and Timothy escaped them just in time. Sammy and Timothy found themselves in a room with a giant torch in the center.

Meanwhile, Morgan woke up in a bedroom that was actually the future Sammy's bedroom, but she was unaware of that. Moments later, a giant (assumingly mutated) cat spotted Morgan, recognized her as an intruder, and began to attack her by transforming into her magmal state and trying to attack her from there. Eventually, Morgan calmed her down and gave her a name: Pumpkin. Pumpkin helped Morgan cross the lava trails, but they were eventually discovered and they had to escape a profusion of enraged magmals (lava mammals). Morgan escaped, but Pumpkin was caught, Morgan was in a room with a panel at the center when magmal monkeys stormed in, each bloodthirsty. Morgan barely escaped them my jumping from ledge to ledge and pulling a lever that would activate the panel, which was actually a beacon that could attract the magmal monkeys. The magmal monkeys walked into the beacon, each getting vaporized as they walked in. However, there was no time for celebration, as lava began rising from the room's bottom! Morgan escaped by climbing across a stream of flags and busting through a window that led to the next room, which had an enormous torch at the center.


Sammy Harbors: protagonist

Timothy: protagonist

Morgan Harbors: protagonist

Pumpkin: supporting character

Haley Ferris: protagonist

Future Sammy Harbors: main antagonist

Future Timothy: antagonist

Sammy and Morgan's parents: mentioned

William Harbors: mentioned

Haley's parents: minor character (Haley's mother); mentioned (Haley's father)