Haley (super state)

Haley as she is set to appear once she gains super powers.

Haley Ferris is Sammy Harbors' cousin, and is 12 years old as of Enter Sammy Space-Time. She was first introduced in Escape from the Killer Volcano and made her latest appearance in Enter Sammy Space-Time, but played a minor role. She mentioned that she does gymnastics and put her gymnastics skills to the test when running up a golden staircase while avoiding rising lava in the Killer Volcano by doing a series of handstand flips and jumping over a large gap in the stairs. Later in the Sammy Space-Time series, she is set to gain powers that seem to be a combination of multiple animals. She will have crab claws, a sharp shark fin, an octopus skirt that can create large, dense clouds of ink, and a roly poly shell on her back so that she can roll around like a ball.


She is a strong, determined and courageous girl. She is also caring and also a little bit more than average with logic. She can also be quite timid during particular situations, such as venturing through natural environments.</p>



It is unknown what Haley did during the years before 2014. It is known that she was born in 2002, making her 12 years old as of the events of the Sammy Space-Time series. It is extrememly likely that she has known Sammy and Morgan years prior to the events of the Sammy Space-Time series.



Haley has brown hair, white skin, wears a yellow shirt, and brown shorts (as of Escape from the Killer Volcano). She weighs about 76 pounds and is about 4 feet and 9 inches tall.


Sammy Harbors: Haley's cousin/friend

Morgan Harbors: Haley's cousin/friend

William Harbors: Haley's cousin/friend