Maui Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii in real life.

Maui, Hawaii is the main setting of Escape from the Killer Volcano. Both in real life and the series, it is one of Hawaii's main eight islands.


In the series, Sammy, Morgan, Haley, and their family were vacationing on this island on July 9th, 2014. While journeying through a rainforest, Sammy met Timothy the evomantis and adopted him as his pet/companion. However, the four were literally sucked into a volcano referred to as "the Killer Volcano" by the bunch. After each of them faced their own set of trials, they re-united with each other, only for a battle to ensue between Sammy and Timothy's deranged future selves after the reunion. However, both the future versions of Sammy and Timothy were defeated, but [present-day] Timothy was seemingly killed as a result. However, Sammy's future self from an improved future somehow sent his past self (the present-day Sammy to the readers) a gift box containing the living Timothy. From there, Sammy and Timothy enjoyed their friendship from there. However, it was noted by the series' creator and in Enter Sammy Space-Time that Timothy was kidnapped shortly after the events of Sammy Space-Time by someone named Darwin O'Blubble. It is possibly that these events took place in Maui, Hawaii as well. The series' creator also clarified that a novel will be created in the future about the events of Darwin O'Blubble kidnapping Timothy.

List of known locations within Maui, Hawaii (in the Sammy Space-Time series)Edit

-The Sunny Mango Hotel

-An unspecified rainforest

-The Killer Volcano

-An unspecified beach