Sammy Harbors (alter ego: Sammy Space-Time) is the main protagonist of the Sammy Space-Time series. He is 16 years old as of Enter Sammy Space-Time and currently lives in Pensacola, Florida. His first appearance was in Escape from the Killer Volcano and his latest appearance was in Enter Sammy Space-Time.

Sammy Space-Time Sketch

Sammy as of Enter Sammy Space-Time.


He is a honest, kind boy, but can be a bit careless at times. He has a deep interest in the topics of science, history, and video gaming, and can be a geek when it comes to those subjects at times. He is adventurous, especially now that he possesses the Time-Manipulation Ruby.



Sammy was born on October 31st, 1998 and currently lives in Pensacola, Florida. Not much is known about his past at this point in time, although it is known that Sammy has known and lived with Morgan, Haley, and his other family members mentioned in Escape from the Killer Volcano prior to the events of the series.


Sometime after the events of year 2029's Sammy traveling back in time to the year of 2013, he was crowned as ruler of the lava people, began construction on what would become the Killer Volcano, and learned how to mutate regular creatures like himself into lava creatures. Meanwhile, year 2014's Sammy witnessed his future self being crowned as ruler of the lava people (wait, didn't you just say that Sammy was the ruler of the lava people?), and then traveled 15 days into the future where he investigated his future self's lab and spotted plans on how to mutate regular creatures into lava creatures. Year 2014's Sammy then time-traveled back to his present day. It is unknown what this time period's actual Sammy did during this year.


On July 9th, 2014, he was exploring a tropical rainforest within Maui, Hawaii with his sister Morgan and his cousin Haley and stumbled upon a mantis-like creature that he named Timothy. Later, they discovered mysterious volcano known as the Killer Volcano. He, Morgan, and Haley were literally sucked in. Afterwards, Sammy tried to hack his way into a nearby super computer, when the alarm went off and dozens of killer robots were sent out to annihilate Sammy. Timothy revealed himself to have the power to dramatically increase in size whenever he ate a particular quantity of objects. While Timothy battled the killer robots, Sammy escaped using a nearby time machine. He was teleported 15 years into the future and saw his future self and the future Timothy being chased by a mob of magma people. Future Sammy teleported 16 years back in time, and the present day Sammy followed him. Present day Sammy arrived a few hours later than future Sammy did and saw his future self be crowned by the past magma people. Present day Sammy then teleported 15 days into the future form that point and saw that the volcano was under construction, and saw that in his future self's lab were plans for experiments on how to mutate animals into magma animals. Frightened, Sammy traveled back to the present to see that Timothy had fought off all of the robots. Presumably, one of the robots had called in reinforcements and Sammy and Timothy escaped them just in time. Sammy and Timothy found themselves in a room where they reunited with Morgan and Haley, but had to fight future Sammy and future Timothy, who was then an animate smoke cloud. After evading the future Timothy's attacks, the present day Timothy sacrificed himself by being killed by the future Timothy, therefore causing a time paradox and ridding of the future Timothy as well. Then, the present day Sammy caused his future self to fade away from existence. The trio then went back to their vacation hotel and Sammy remained in his hotel room while Haley, Morgan, and Sammy's aunt left for the beach. Moments later, a gift box containing the actual Timothy appeared with a letter that read, "Just a little something that I picked up from the past. From, a better future," meaning that Sammy's true future self went back in time to pick up Timothy and sent Timothy to his past self as a gift. It was first presumed that Sammy and Timothy enjoyed the rest of their vacation from there, but Sammy mentioned that Timothy was kidnapped by a man named Darwin O'Chubbles sometime after the events of Escape from the Killer Volcano. Some speculate that the events of Escape form the Killer Volcano lead directly into the events of Timothy's kidnapping, but this has yet to be confirmed.

About four months later, on November 16th, 2014, Timothy leads Sammy to a secret underground area where Sammy discovers the Time-Manipulation Ruby and escapes a profusion of evomantes (the term that Sammy came up with for the sub-species of mantes that Timothy belongs in) and ultimately escaped the evomantes using his new time-traveling and teleportation powers. Sammy then meets a ghost named Tobias the Knight of Fortune, who explains the Time-Manipulation Ruby to Sammy, as well as Timothy's origins. Sammy then warped back to his lab with Timothy, and embarked on a time-travel adventure to November 16th, 1954 with Timothy later on. Sammy explored his town of Pensacola on that date after running into a farmer named Ernie J. Arnold at the Arnold Maize Orchard. Then, Sammy sat down on a bench on a street corner when a boy named Mugs entered shortly after. Mugs began bullying a kid named Oswald Aidenson (Sammy's future algebra teacher) and then Sammy stood up to him. While Sammy and Mugs were arguing, Sammy admitted he was a time traveler, but no one nearby took him seriously and laughed at him. Embarrassed, Sammy stormed off, and then Oswald, Mugs, and Mugs's gang followed Sammy outside shortly after. Sammy warped back to his time with Timothy as Mugs and his gang witnessed this. Mugs tried telling the town of Pensacola of his discovery, but everyone except for his gang merely laughed. Mugs assumingly took Jimmy (photographer for local newspaper) and had him record Sammy warp back from his time as proof to the civilians of Pensacola. Meanwhile, Sammy gathered items for proof to the 1954 Pensacola residents that he's a time-traveler. After doing this, he and Timothy time-traveled back to 1954 and eventually proved to the Pensacola civilians that we was a time-traveler after much persuasion. The following day, after Sammy read a newspaper with him in the headlines and a news lady asked him a few questions, he began feeling weak and lightheaded, and quickly teleported back to the present, where he blacked out. He woke up to an altered future where everyone was after his Time-Manipulation Ruby. Fizz, Mugs, and Dennis, who appeared to be helping Sammy escape a swarm of savages, later tried to extract Sammy's Time-Manipulation Ruby using the OEC (Object Extraction Claw). However, their plan ultimately failed when Tiffany rescued Sammy with Timothy by her side. The four escaped and eventually encountered an armada of battle-ready airships. Tobias then teaches Sammy how to perform even more skills with his Time-Manipulation Ruby, and then allows Sammy to battle the airships while flying on Tiffany with Timothy by his side. Sammy destoryed the fleet of airships, and the trio made it to Sammy's lab. Sammy quickly built a UFO with a Memory Deletion Ray and escaped to 1954 with Timothy and Tiffany. From there, he had Timothy and Tiffany cause a rampage upon 1954 Pensacola to grab the citizens' attention. Howver, Timothy and Tiffany were shot and killed by the police. Sammy then scared them all off and mourned over his dead friends. Then, he managed to restore their life forces, and had them contiue the plan. All of the citizens' attention were eventually gained, and Sammy wiped out their memories of Sammy arriving to Pensacola and revealing that he's a time traveler. Then, Timothy and Tiffany pretended to be alien invaders in Sammy's UFO as Sammy spoke and they would mouth his words so that they would appear to be speaking. Sammy paused time and restored the town of Pensacola. Then, Timothy and Tiffany told the citizens never to tell any outsiders about the alien invasion, or else they would vaporize each of the townspeople. The townsfolk agreed to this, and then Sammy steered the UFO out of the citizens' fields of vision, then teleporting back to 2014. From there, Sammy ate supper with his family (his mother, father, Morgan, William, Haley), spent some quality time with them, and went back to his lab. In his lab, he felt the Time-Manipulation Ruby undergo drastic changes, and a few minutes later, Tobias told him that he gained the ability to travel to alternate universes. Sammy, Timothy, and Tiffany then warped away to their next adventure...


It is known that by year 2029, Sammy had invented a time machine. Presumably, Sammy's career is being a scientist during this time. On July 9th, 2029, Sammy (aged 30) and his companion Timothy were escaping a swarm of enraged lava people in what was to become the Killer Volcano on the island of Maui, Hawaii. This time period's Sammy traveled back in time 16 years ago and helped the lava people of the past establish a much more advanced home base where he would rule. However, this version of Sammy was erased by his 15-year-old self when his 15-year-old self declared that he would never become his 30-year-old self from that timeline. Year 2014's Sammy assumingly created a new timeline where his future self is less corrupt, and his future self sent him Timothy after it seemed like Timothy had been killed by the future Timothy. However, what time period's Sammy that Timothy was sent by is currently unknown, except for the fact that it was sent by Sammy from a time period in the future.


Sammy has brown hair and white skin, and he wears a red shirt, blue shorts, and green shoes. In Enter Sammy Space-Time, the Time-Manipulation Ruby was fused into Sammy's forehead, allowing him to travel through time, fire powerful blasts of energy, create a near-impervious force-field, and more. He also wears a transparent cape that contains cosmic matter and even miniature asteroids. Sammy weighs 93 pounds and is 5 feet and 3 inches tall.


Sammy has the ability to use his Time-Manipulation Ruby (which is infused into his forehead) to travel through time. He can also fire powerful blasts of energy, create a near-impervious forcefield, restore a creature or an object to how it would be during another time period, and he can even take the form of a different creature or object. Also he has the ability to change into Sammy Space-Time by saying  the words "Power of Space and Time, GO!" and can change back whenever he feels like it.


Timothy: Sammy's pet/companion

Tiffany: Sammy's pet/companion

Morgan Harbors: Sammy's sister/friend

Haley Ferris: Sammy's cousin/friend

Tobias the Knight of Fortune: Sammy's mentor/ally

Shelby the Multiversal Guardian of Life: Sammy's former love interest/ally

Fizz: Sammy's enemy/bully

Mugs: Sammy's enemy/bully

Oswald Aidenson: Sammy's friend (1954)/algebra teacher (2014)

William Harbors: Sammy's younger brother

Sammy's parents: Sammy's caretakers

Sonic the Hedgehog: Sammy's friend/ally

Tails the Fox: Sammy's friend/ally

Knuckles the Echidna: Sammy's friend/ally

Amy Rose: Sammy's friend/ally

Shadow the Hedgehog: Sammy's friend/ally

Mighty the Armadillo: Sammy's friend/ally

Dr. Eggman: Sammy's enemy