Sammysburg is a fictional town in Florida, the United States' 27th state. It is set to be the main setting of the next installment to the Sammy Space-Time series, and will overall be one of the Sammy Space-Time series' main settings.

In real lifeEdit

Though Sammysburg does not actually exist in real life, it was made up by [the real life] Sammy Harbors, the creator of the Sammy Space-Time series. Its creation was inspired by Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and in Sammy's imagination, he is the mayor of Sammysburg.

In the Sammy Space-Time seriesEdit

In the next book in the series (The Grand Sammy Switcheroo), Sammy is set to journey into Sammysburg, switch places with the version of himself from that reality (who is mayor of Sammysburg), and enforce Sammysburg from there. The events of the book will mainly revolve around the troubles of Sammy trying to hide that he is a time traveler/dimension traveler and that he's actually a version of the town's mayor from another dimension.

As for the further future of the Sammy Space-Time series, Sammysburg is set to be a major setting in the series. No further details have been specified as of now.