SA2 Sonic

2D artwork of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic the Hedgehog is an iconic video game character who is the main star of his own video game series under the same name. Sonic's first actual appearance in a video game was a cameo appearance in Rad Mobile (1991), but the true first game where he played a starring role was in Sonic the Hedgehog (1991). In the Sammy Space-Time series, he appeared in the crossover novel Sammy's Super Sonic Adventure as a protagonist.


He is famous for his incredible speed, which can even surpass the speed Mach 1. He is also well-known for foiling Dr. Robotnik's many plots for world domination. However, he has battled numerous other enemies as well, such as Chaos, Biolizard (created by Gerald Robotnik, who was Dr. Eggman's grandfather), Metal Sonic, Solaris, Dark Gaia, Imperator Pir'Oth Ix, and the Deadly Six. He also loves adventure and his favorite food is chili dogs. In the video game series, Sonic was born on Christmas Island, but is currently 15 years old. At some point in his life, he met Dr. Robotnik, and the two became mortal enemies from there.

In Sammy's Super Sonic Adventure, in Green Hill Zone, Sonic spotted Sammy being ambushed by a gang of Badniks. He fought them all of and they introduced themselves to each other. Afterward, Sonic explained that he had been seeing more Badniks than usual at the time, and he thought Dr. Eggman was up to something bad. Sammy offered to help him stop Dr. Eggman, and eventually, Sonic accepted Sammy's request. They then visited Tails' house in Emerald City and told him that they needed to assemble as many party members necessary to stop Dr. Eggman once more. The five (including Timothy and Tiffany) embarked to retrieve Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, and Mighty. After assembling the entire team, the team was ambushed by Bandiks and Dr. Eggman kidnapped Sammy during the battle. In response, Sonic and friends commenced towards Robotropolis to rescue their friend and put a stop to Eggman's scheme.


Sonic the Hedgehog is an anthropomorphic blue-furred, peach-skinned hedgehog who has green eyes (as of Sonic Adventure), and he wears white gloves and red shoes with white straps and gold buckles. He is 3 feet and 3 inches tall and he weighs 77 pounds. In his super form, his fur turns gold, and is surrounded by a golden aura as well, and his spikes stand up.


Sonic has a very laid-back personality. He can be witty at times and he is a friendly person. He is quite adventurous and enjoys running as well. He can be serious in certain situations, but overall, he likes to make his adventures, even his battles against Dr. Eggman, a fun experience.