The Guardians of Multiversal Harmony are an organization of supernatural beings that help maintian the balance of harmony within the universe. The organization consists of Moby (Guardian of the Atmosphere), Cobi (Guardian of the Cosmos), Shelby (Guardian of Life), and Tobias (Guardian of Time). Tobias, who was known as the Knight of Fortune, and was the Time-Manipulation Ruby's former owner helped Sammy throughout the events of Enter Sammy Space-Time by teaching him how to use his Time-Manipulation Ruby's powers, as well as motivating him to make the right decisions and motivating him to set things right in the time stream. In The Grand Sammy Switcheroo, all four Guardians of Multiversal Harmony are set to appear. They are also set to appear in later installments to the Sammy Space-Time series.

In Sammy's Super Sonic Adventure, Shelby made her debut. Like Tobias, she is a wise and sagacious individual, and she uses her Staff of Vitality to maintain peace between living creatures within the universe. Sammy, who was in the Gateway to the Multiverse, was puzzled because he didn't know how he ended up there. Shelby explained to him where he was and how he got there, and presented to him the infinite amount of portals that led to alternate realities. Sammy entered the portal that led to Sonic's universe. Shelby is set to appear later in the book, as well as in The Grand Sammy Switcheroo and future installments to the Sammy Space-Time series.