The Memory Deletion Ray was an invention of Sammy's and an attachment to Sammy's flying saucer, which he used to erase the 1954 citizens of Pensacola's memories of him ever visiting.


As its name suggests, it can delete people's memories. However, it's much more advanced than one would be to think. It has the ability to seek out and erase a specific memory from people when set to the proper settings.

The Memory Deletion Ray GunEdit

A variant of the Memory Deletion Ray that appeared in Sammy's Super Sonic Adventure. It assumingly functions identically to the original Memory Deletion Ray, but it is in the form of a ray gun and is not attached to anything, so Sammy can use it more freely.


On November 17th, 2014, Sammy quickly invented both his flying saucer and the Memory Deletion Ray in the spare time that he had before the police arrived. He then used it to erase the memories of the 1954 Pensacola townspeople's memories of Sammy ever visiting once he time traveled back in time to 1954 once more.

It is unknown when Sammy found the time to invent the Memory Deletion Ray Gun, especially considering the brief amount of time he had to construct his flying saucer and the original Memory Deletion Ray. It is possible that he found a way to invent it during the time he had before the police arrived.

On November 18th, 2014, Sammy used the Memory Deletion Ray Gun to help fight off a massive profusion of Badniks in Tumbleweed Trails, which was located in Frontier Canyon Zone.