Mugs Nanigans

Theodore "Mugs" Nanigans, aged 15 (in 1954).

Theodore "Mugs" Nanigans is Fizz's grandfather, and the father of Dennis Nanigans. He was born in 1939, and is 75 years old as of the events of Enter Sammy Space-Time.


Before Enter Sammy Space-TimeEdit

It is very likely that he knew both his gang and Oswald Aidenson prior to the book's events.


He discovered Sammy was a time-traveler during this time along with all of the other civilians of Pensacola.


He attempted to extract Sammy's Time-Manipulation Ruby (which would've most likely killed Sammy in the process) during this time using the OEC (Object Extraction Claw), which was built by his son prior to Sammy's return to 2014.


Mugs and Fizz

Fizz, aged 15, and his grandfather Mugs, aged 75 in 2014.

He had black, Elvis Presley-styled hair during his teenhood (his hair is gray now) and he wore a red jacket with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath, as well as blue jeans. He wore sunglasses during his youth, but now wears prescription glasses.


He is very bullyish and menacing like his grandson, only even more so. He was even described as "thuggish" in Enter Sammy Space-Time and was hinted to be somewhat dishonest by one of his gang members (unintentionally). He has an addiction to coffee and always carries around two mugs, earning his name. This is similar to his grandson's addiction to soda.