Tiffany as she appears in the series.

Tiffany is a yellow female evomantis. She is Timothy's girlfriend. She made her debut appearance in Enter Sammy Space-Time. Before her apperance, Sammy thought that Timothy was the last of his kind.


She is kind-hearted and cares a lot about Timothy. She is willing to help whenever the time comes and is very loyal to Sammy. Tiffany and Timothy almost always stick by each other's side, and they are like two peas in a pod.


Before Enter Sammy Space-TimeEdit

She and Timothy were the best of friends in the Intercelestial Kingdom of Harmony until Timothy has to leave to guard the Time-Manipulation RUby in its grotto.


Tobias notified Tiffany that Timothy was in trouble years after she had last seen him. Willing to do whatever it took to reunite with her childhood friend, she raced to the rescue and saved Timothy and Sammy from the clutches of Mugs and Fizz. After escaping, a battle against the US government's top-secret weapons, the Radiant Air Pythons, ensued, but after a long and relentless battle, the trio overcame the battle airships. Then, Sammy quickly constructed a flying saucer and the Memory Deletion Ray, and the trio escaped to 1954 before being caught by the police. In 1954, Tiffany and Timothy were killed while carrying out Sammy's plan, but Sammy revived them and the plan continued from there. After Sammy erased the 1954 Pensacola civilians' memories of him, he had Tiffany and Timothy act as aliens to convince the townspeople that the damage to their town was caused by them. They begged for mercy, which is what the trio gave them. They then returned to 2014, embarking on yet another adventure shortly afterward.


She is a yellow, feminine evomantis. She is about 5 1/2 inches in height and weighs about 6 ounces. Unlike Timothy, her antennas droop down almost like actual hair would. Her wings are also different in comparison to Timothy's. Her wings look like thin bars with smaller bars stemming off of the bottom sides of the main bars. Unlike Timothy, whose wings allow him to glide, she is able to fly with her wings.



Timothy: Tiffany's boyfriend/close friend

Sammy Harbors: Tiffany's owner/friend

Tobias: Tiffany's friend/ally

Mugs Nanigans: Tiffany's enemy

Fizz Nanigans: Tiffany's enemy

Sonic and friends: Tiffany's friends/allies