The Time-Manipulation Ruby in its first state, as mentioned in Enter Sammy Space-Time.

The Time-Manipulation Ruby is a ruby that allows the individual who owns it to not only time travel, but to also travel between different realities.


Little is known about its origins, although it is known that it was created by the three Multiversal Guardians of Harmony (Tobias hadn't joined at the time) to aid Tobias in battle. It is likely that the Time-Manipulation Ruby was created in the 12th century as well. When Tobias died of unknown causes, it was restricted to the mortal realm as Tobias decided to spend his afterlife as a Multiversal Guardian of Harmony. Tobias created the Blade of Revolution as a replacement, which we would use as his primary tool during this afterlife as the Multiversal Guardian of Time, and evomantes were sent down to Earth to guard the Time-Manipulation Ruby from there. Approximately 9 centuries later, Sammy discovered the Time-Manipulation Ruby (in Enter Sammy Space-Time) with Timothy's help, and became its new owner. It gained the ability to travel to alternate realities later in the book.

List of OwnersEdit

Tobias: 12th century

Sammy: 2014-Present