Race Evomantis
Birthday ???
Gender Male
Height About 6 inches (normal form)
Weight About 8 ounces (normal form)
Relatives ???
Professional Status
Affiliation Sammy Space-Time (owner)
Occupation Sidekick
Title Evomantis
Previous Occupation
First Appearance
Debut Escape from the Killer Volcano

Timothy in his normal form.

Timothy is Sammy Space-Time's pet and companion. Timothy is an evomantis, which is a sub-species of mantes discovered by Sammy himself. Evomantes like Timothy are capable of consuming objects and evolving into larger and more powerful, yet temperal forms. Timothy was revealed to not be the only/last member of his sub-species in Enter Sammy Space-Time. In the same book, Timothy re-united with his love interest, Tiffany, who rescued him from the clutches of Mugs and Fizz, who had him trapped in a bug capturing container in the alternate timeline that Sammy unintentionally created.



Timothy was one of many creatures that roamed the Intercelestial Kingdom of Harmony. He was revealed to be close friends with Tiffany during his childhood. The Multiversal Guardians of Harmony sent him and more of his kind (evomantes) to guard the Time-Manipulation Ruby on Earth. Timothy escaped and searched the world for a new owner. Tobias (former owner of the Time-Manipulation Ruby) prophecized that whoever Timothy chose out of all people on Earth will be the new owner of the Time-Manipulation Ruby. It is unknown when these events occured, but it is speculated that these events happened sometime after Tobias passed on from his human body and became a member of the Guardians of Multiversal Harmony, meaning these events could have happened centuries ago.


On July 9th, 2014, Timothy was roaming a rainforest in Maui, Hawaii when he stumbled upon a 9-year-old boy named Sammy Harbors. Sammy Harbors gave Timothy his name, and adopted him. Shortly after, Timothy, Sammy, Morgan (Sammy's sister), and Haley (Sammy's cousin) were abducted into the Killer Volcano. Sammy and Timothy woke up, somehow not separated, and then Sammy hacked into a nearby supercomputer to figure out where they were. Suddenly, the alarms went off, and then a multitude of killer robots chased after and tried to annihilate Timothy and Sammy. Timothy fought off all of the killer robots while Sammy temporarily escaped the scene via a nearby time machine that his future self had invented. When Sammy returned and all of the killer robots were demolished, Timothy and his owned continued into the following room, where a giant torch stood. There, he and Sammy reunited with Morgan and Haley, only to be ambushed by the more vile future Sammy. Then, an animate smoke cloud rose out of the giant torch, which turned out to be Timothy's future self as a result of a failed experiment that the future Sammy had conducted. The four faced off against the future Timothy, and the Timothy ultimately sacrificed himself my having his future self swallow him, which cause a time paradox, thus erasing his future self from existence. Afterwards, Sammy, Haley, and Morgan left the Killer Volcano, and Sammy of the present thought Timothy was gone forever. Just then, Sammy's (improved) future self somehow sent Timothy back to past and then Sammy and Timothy became companions from there. Sometime after, Timothy was kidnapped by a man named Darwin O'Chubbles, and Sammy rescued him, as mentioned in Enter Sammy Space-Time.

Four months later, on November 16th, 2014, Timothy was with Sammy as he was discussing about how he would like to become a time-traveler, as he knew he eventually would as the events of Escape from the Killer Volcano foreshadowed. Timothy knew the answer to his problems, and led Sammy to an underground area outside of the town limits of Pensacola, Florida. Sammy discovered the Time-Manipulation Ruby with Timothy by his side, and then the two were chased by a swarm of evomantes. Luckily, the two escaped and met Tobias, who explained the Time-Manipulation Ruby to Sammy. Later that day, the two traveled back in time to November 16th, 1954 to explore what culture was like during that time period. As the two were exploring the town, Sammy and Timothy decided to stop by McDonald's to get a bite to eat. Sammy then sees Mugs bullying Oswald Aidenson (Sammy's future algebra teacher) and intervenes. While arguing with Mugs, Sammy reveals that he is a time traveler. No one rightly believed him, so Sammy set out to get proof while Timothy followed him. Sammy returned to 2014 with Timothy to gather items that were relevant during the present to bring back to 1954. Once the items were gathered, the duo returned to 1954. Before Sammy and Timothy reached Pensacola, Tobias warned Sammy about the effects that he could cause on the space-time continuum, but Sammy ignored him like the divvy he is. Sammy showed the townspeople the items that were relevant during his time, yet the townspeople still doubted him. He then showed off his time-traveling powers by warping 10 seconds into the future to another location. The townspeople finally came to accept that Sammy was indeed a time traveler. The following day, Sammy fainted due to the effects that he caused upon the space-time continuum, and warped back to 2014 with Timothy by his side. When Sammy woke up, Timothy showed Sammy the effects that he caused on the present. The effects were an alternate timeline where Sammy was famous, but the world had been patiently awaiting his return for the past 60 years. People chased after Sammy, and then Mugs, Fizz, and Dennis helped Sammy escape. However, at their house, they tried to extract Sammy's Time-Manipulation Ruby, only to have their plans foiled by Tiffany, Timothy's childhood friend in which how she rescued him was not specified. The trio escaped and tried to head to Sammy's lab, only to be intercepted by battle-ready airships. Tobias informed Sammy about the powers of his Time-Manipulation Ruby that he can use to battle the airships. Then, Sammy fought against the airships while flying on Tiffany, and eventually destroyed the entire armada of airships. The trio then head down to Sammy's lab. While Sammy was swiftly building an flying saucer with a Memory Deletion Ray attached to it that would help them restore their timeline, it was revealed that Timothy had a crush on Tiffany, because the book mentioned Timothy staring at Tiffany lustily. Sammy finished his invention and escaped to 1954 with Timothy and Tiffany. There, he readies Timothy and Tiffany for his plan to restore the original timeline. The plan was then put into action. Timothy and Tiffany rampaged across Pensacola to gain the citizens' attention. However, Timothy and Tiffany were shot down and killed, and Sammy mourned over them. However, Sammy found out how to use his powers to revive them, which he did. The plan resumed from there, and gradually, the townspeople's full attention was gained. Sammy used his Memory Deletion Ray to erase all the citizens' memories of him, and he then fooled the townspeople into thinking that Timothy and Tiffany were alien invaders by having them enter the flying saucer and mouth his words. This convinced the townspeople that aliens were the ones who caused the demolition, not Sammy, thus restoring their timeline (for the most part). Later on, Timothy and Tiffany (now his girlfriend) joined Sammy for yet another quest, in which these events lead into Sammy's Super Sonic Adventure.


Timothy is a green evomantis with two sharp claws, three antennas (his center antenna is the most distinct out of the three because it is red with a heart-shaped point at the top), two wings (which allows him to glide, not fly), and two long and skinny legs. In his normal form, his height is 6 inches and his weight is 8 ounces. When in his evolved forms, he looks about the same expect for the fact that he's bigger, has sharper claws, and his center antenna changed colors depending on how big he becomes.



Sammy Harbors: Timothy's owner/best friend

Tiffany: Timothy's girlfriend/close friend

Tobias: Timothy's friend/ally

Fizz Nanigans: Timothy's enemy

Mugs Nanigans: Timothy's enemy

Sonic and friends: Timothy's friends/allies

Darwin O'Blubble: Timothy's enemy/kidnapper (as implied in Enter Sammy Space-Time)